About ZenVault

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1 July 2016

ZenVault Email

ZenVault Email BETA is released, it’s reviewed as “the most private and secure email app ever!”

6 April 2010

ZenVault Medical

ZenVault Medical launches the first web based PHR application.

10 September 2009


Started patent on Zencryption™, a unprecedented encryption technology.

12 February 2003

Always Available™

Began patent proceedings on Always Available™ technology. Enables unprecedented cloud availability of virtually 100%.

January 2000


Company was founded.

When bank-level security is not enough.

ZenVault enables businesses of all kinds to store, share, and encrypt data of every circumstance securely, reliably, and conveniently. It’s the answer to one of the biggest questions today: “How do we share our documents and data easily while ensuring our privacy and keeping costs down?”

Always Available™ technology
Imagine constant access 24/7/365 to your company data, applications, and transactions that would normally cripple the enterprise in the event of network interruptions. ZenVault gives you that luxury. ZenVault’s core function is to enable all your transactions, data exchanges, and other network activities to occur equally and simultaneously on multiple secure application servers, giving you virtually 100% uptime.

Data Storage
ZenVault Data Storage offers the advantages of cost and flexibility of the cloud, yet applies patent-pending encryption and patented business continuity technology to provide unprecedented cloud security and dependability. And only your authorized personnel will have access.

Trusted Email
ZenVault also provides secure private email for communicating among team members. You can block all email to or from unauthorized addresses, create private email addresses at will, and send encrypted attachments of any size.

ZenVault is the safe, secure, and reliable alternative to the typical collection of storage apps and email. ZenVault is…

• Cloud-based for flexibility and low cost
• SaaS for hassle-free use
• Encrypted with patent-pending Zencryption™ security
• Protected by patented Always Available™ technology for virtually 100% uptime.

Use ZenVault Data Storage, email, or both. Encrypt your data for safe storage, block mail from untrusted email senders, and access your files anytime anywhere. ZenVault is designed for secure desktop and mobile use from any machine with an Internet connection, so you can conduct business easily from your home base or anywhere else. It gives you all the economy and flexibility of the cloud without the worries about reliability and security.

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