ZenVault Email

Now YOU decide who sees your emails.

Did you know more than just the NSA is reading your emails? Webmail users and the ones sending emails to the user (unbeknownst to them) are getting their emails scanned in order to target ads at them. Before you resort to using carrier pigeons, we have a solution.

ZenVault Email is a private cloud-based email provider. We use our patent-pending, end-to-end Zencryption™ and SSL security to keep your emails vault-tight and for your eyes only. Our app works on any computer, mobile phone or device with Internet access.

Completely private

ONLY you can access your email. Cloud-based email provider that does not scan your email and only you can access with our Patent-pending Zencryption.™

Always Available™ 24/7/365

Goes where you go. Don’t worry, it’s equally as secure on the go as it is at home base. And it’s virtually always up and running when you log in.

Ample Storage

Storage is our thing. We have data centers all over the world and we won’t be at a loss for space. Go ahead, save it. We got your backup.


ZenVault Email Features

One-time or “disposable” email for spam or online purchases
End-to-end Zencryption™ and SSL security
Receive in-app notifications within your dashboard
Only YOU can see your incoming and outgoing messages
VIPs and control who sends you mail
Safe, secure & always available
And all for less than 7 cents per day! Can’t beat that!

Less than 7 cents per day!

$2.95 mo/$24.95 per yr

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50% US adults have been hacked

That’s 110 MILLION Americans.


“Significant number” of 120 million accounts

AOL, while admitting that a hack had taken place, has said only that a “significant number” of its 120 million accounts were taken over.


145 million accounts hacked

Online giant eBay was similarly cagey when it was revealed that hackers had taken data from all 145 million of the site’s users.

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